Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Mother Sues Army for Silence That Led to Abuse of Child

A mother, who claims that the United States Army remained silent on a sex abuse investigation that ultimately allowed the man to abuse and rape her daughter and videotape the proceedings, has sued the military for $30 million.
The man in question has been convicted on child pornography charges and child rape charges involving the girl. The crime was discovered back in 2008 when the child was six years old. However, according to the lawsuit that the mother has now filed against the US Army, the Army failed to warn the child's mother after it began investigating child abuse charges against the man.
Instead, officers went out of their way to assure the mother that she had nothing to worry about regarding the child. The Army also delayed notifying the TennesseeDepartment of Children's Services that the girl was in danger, for a period of 10 months.
The woman has a family relationship with the man, and says that since the ordeal, her life has been shattered. She is a single mother with two children, and has lost her job and house because of the ordeal since the abuse came to light.
The US Army has had a chequered history as far as sexual abuse and sex crimes   investigations are concerned. In fact, the Army has been widely criticized for its poor handling of sex abuse investigations. Congress is currently considering a number of measures that will actually eliminate key decision-making powers that are currently vested in the military, especially when it comes to sex abuse and sex assault investigations. Those powers could be given to civilians and independent prosecutors.

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