Sunday, 30 June 2013

More Than One in Three Women Worldwide Victims of Domestic Violence

Across the world, more than one in three women is a victim of domestic violence. That data was released by the World Health Organization which also confirmed that women in Asia and the Middle East are most affected by domestic violence.
The World Health Organization report is believed to be the very first study of its kind into the prevalence of violence against women and its impact on female health. The agency estimates that worldwide, as many as 30% of women face violence at the hands of their domestic partners.
The World Health Organization confirms that these are shocking statistics, and it also confirms that these statistics are seen across the world. Overall, data from more than 81 countries was analyzed as part of the study, but the World Health Organization did not single out specific countries for their record on domestic violence against women.
The highest incidence of abuse was reported from Asia, especially from India, East Timor and Bangladesh, where as many as 37.7% of all women are affected by domestic violence. In the Middle East, the rate was almost the same at 37%, while sub-Saharan Africa followed with a 6.6% incidence of domestic violence against women. In high-income countries like the United States and Japan, about 23.2% of women are affected by domestic violence.
The World Health Organization data also strongly links domestic violence to crime. According to the World Health Organization data, as many as 38% of female murder victims are killed by their male domestic partners.
Allegations of domestic violence can have a very disruptive effect on a person’s life.  You may face social censure, and may lose access to your children.


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  2. Domestic violence is a personal problem between a husband and a wife. Domestic violence affects everyone. It affects the community you move around in for human beings are interconnected.