Saturday, 20 April 2013

Mark Sanford Divorce Documents Leaked

It’s a scandal that couldn't come at a worse time for disgraced former South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford.  The former governor is seeking to contest his old Charleston seat in the upcoming elections, and now divorce-related documents that have recently been published in the Associated Press claim that he trespassed on his wife’s house earlier this year.
Both Sanford and his wife Jenny have insisted that they were not responsible for the leak to the Associated Press.  These divorce documents talk about an alleged incident that occurred earlier this year, in which Sanford trespassed on his ex-wife's home, using a cell phone in as a flashlight. 
Sanford has already released a statement, insisting that on the evening in question, he was at his home with his 14-year-old son watching the Super Bowl.  He insists that he wanted to tell his ex-wife of the situation, and went to her house to inform her.  She was not at home, and he used a cell phone light to find his way around the back steps.
There has been plenty of speculation about the source of the leaked divorce documents, which as any Alabama divorce lawyer knows should have remained sealed.  Both Sanford and his ex-wife insist that it was their understanding that all divorce documents would remain sealed. 
Sanford has openly questioned the timing of the leak of the documents, coming as it does just a few days before this very important election for him.  The election marks his return to public life after the very public collapse of his marriage.  His trip to divorce court was triggered by a long-time extramarital relationship that he had with an Argentinean woman, and allegations that he had used state travel funds to conduct the relationship.

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