Saturday, 27 April 2013

Drinking Beer May Increase Risk of DUI

Tasting just a small sample of your favorite beer brand may increase a tremendous longing for the beverage, and could actually trigger the urge to drink more.  A new study finds that having a small sample could actually trigger the part of the brain that perceives benefits and rewards, and could boost the urge to drink more. 
A person who gives in to such urges is likely to binge, and if he is operating a vehicle, could easily be arrested for DUI.   
The study was conducted recently at the Indiana University School of Medicine, and found that just a sample of the flavor of beer, without any significant amount of alcohol content, can trigger a dopamine response in the brain, triggering the urge to drink more.  The study has been published in the Journal Neuropsychopharmacology, and according to the researchers, it confirms earlier findings from other studies that have been conducted in the past.  For instance, earlier research has indicated to San Jose DUI lawyers that some rats and mice seem to prefer alcohol, and has also confirmed the presence of certain neurotransmitters in rats that prefer alcohol.
The researchers focused on 49 men, and put these men through two brain scans.  None of these men had any history of alcohol or drug use in the past.  However, all of them seemed to have an affinity for drinking beer, compared to other alcoholic beverages.  Interestingly enough, women were excluded from the study, because it was difficult to find women who admitted to liking beer over other beverages. 
The men were all right-handed, because in most men, the capacity for language exists in the left side of the brain.  The participants were then given 15 ml of their favorite brand of beer, and were tested during this time.  They are also tested while drinking Gatorade.
The researchers found that sampling the flavor of one’s favorite brand of beer seemed to increase the men's desire to drink the beer, compared to the Gatorade.

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