Friday, 29 March 2013

Research Finds Probation Violations Often Involve Drug Offenses

According to new statistics released by a state agency, probation or parole violations in California are most likely to involve drug offenses.  The study was conducted by the Council of State Government Justice Center, and focused on four California cities-Los Angeles, Sacramento, Redlands and San Francisco.
The study focused on 3 ½ years worth of arrests that were made before a landmark change in California law which required a shift of inmates from state prisons to local county jails, to balance the state prison population.  That action came under the Public Safety Realignment Act that was passed in October 2011
The research found that approximately 22% of all arrests involved people on probation or parole supervision.  Out of these arrests, one out of 3 arrests involved a drug violation or drug offense.  One out of 6 violations was linked to violent crime.
During those 3 ½ years before the Public Safety Realignment Act, the total number of arrests in California dropped by 18%.  However the number of arrests among people who were under parole supervision dropped by approximately 61%.  Of those who are under probation, the arrest numbers declined by as much as 26%.
These are the statistics for these 4 cities, and statewide figures are not available.  San Jose criminal defense attorneys believe that this substantial drop in recidivism rates is most likely due to more effective supervision as well as rehabilitation programs.
According to the data, approximately 30% of the people under supervision under the realignment requirements have committed crimes since their release.  Approximately 57% of those were drug-related crimes.  However, more than 50% of those drug-related crimes involved the lowest levels offenses, like being under the influence of drugs.

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Drinking Coffee Reduces Drunk Driver Accident Risks

Coffee has been universally acknowledged as a perk-me-up, but for a truck driver, this beverage can actually help save lives.  According to a new study, truck drivers who have a high caffeine intake in the form of coffee, tea and caffeinated drinks, may have a much lower risk of accidents, compared to truckers who do not drink caffeine.
The researchers conducted a survey of long-distance commercial truck drivers in Australia.  They were specifically looking at the effects of caffeine in reducing the driver’s likelihood of being involved in an accident.  The survey was conducted between 2008 and 2011 in Western Australia and New South Wales.  A total of 530 truck drivers who had been involved in an accident were compared with 517 truck drivers who had not been involved in an accident in the previous 12 months.
The research found that 43% of drivers reported consuming caffeine in the form of coffee, tea, caffeinated energy drinks and caffeine tablets specifically to stay awake at the wheel.  The analysis found that drivers, who frequently admitted to consuming caffeine in order to help stay awake at the wheel, were 60% less likely to be involved in an accident, compared to drivers who did not consume caffeine.
The results of the study are strong enough for researchers to confirm that caffeine intake could be a significant factor that protects a truck driver from accident risks.
However, Orlando car accident lawyers caution against the excessive use of caffeine to reduce fatigue and avoid drowsy driving.  A truck driver must have periodic sleep, and must take frequent rest breaks in order to remain fresh and rested.  Caffeine is a quick fix to keep sleep away, but driving for long periods of time with only frequent coffee breaks and no rest, is a recipe for disaster.

Hamm Divorce Expected to Be World's Most Expensive

Oklahoma oil billionaire Harold Hamm is in the middle of a divorce battle with his 2nd wife.  In the absence of a prenuptial agreement, his billion-dollar fortune could be up for division, and San Jose divorce lawyers expect this to be one of the world's most expensive divorces.
According to Forbes, Harold Hamm is worth at least $11.3 billion.  Much of that wealth is held in the form of shares of his oil company, Continental Resources.  He is currently involved in a divorce with his 2nd wife who filed last year.  According to Sue Ann Hamm, her husband was cheating on her.
There is no information yet if this couple had a prenuptial agreement in place, but if there was no prenup Sue Ann Hamm could be eligible to receive as much as 50% of her husband's massive 68% stake in Continental.  What that means for shareholders in Continental is that he could possible lose control over his company.
News of the divorce has already caused reverberations in the share market, and closing prices for shares of Continental dipped recently, after news of the impending divorce and the potential division of the assets went public.  According to Forbes, this is the first time in years that the magazine has come across a billionaire divorce settlement that is likely to be so massive.  The website is hinting that Sue Ann‘s share of Continental could actually touch $5 billion.
Under Oklahoma law however, this divorce is likely to undergo inequitable division, which means, the ultimate settlement will be fair to both parties.  However, there are a number of other factors that may also work in Sue Ann Hamm’s favor, including the fact that she has been married for 25 years to Hamm, they have 2 children, and also the fact that she contributed greatly to the success of the company in her earlier capacity as an executive at the company.