Monday, 26 November 2012

Fois Gras Producer Faces False Advertising Charges

The largest fois gras manufacturer in the country is being named in a new lawsuit that Alabama business dispute lawyers find very interesting.  The lawsuit claims that the company engaged in deceptive advertising by labeling its fois gras production practices as “humane.”
The lawsuit has been filed by the Animal Legal Defense Fund against Hudson Valley Fois Gras.  The company claims to be the largest producer of fois gras in the country.  In its advertising, Hudson Valley Fois Gras claims that its fois gras is “humane.”  However, the Animal Legal Defense Fund lawsuit alleges that that claim is completely false, because producing fois gras involves force-feeding ducks, which amounts to torture. The lawsuit claims that the procedures being followed by Hudson Valley Fois Gras are far from humane.
According to the lawsuit, the process of force-feeding ducks at Hudson Valley Fois Gras is painful, traumatic and amounts to torture.  Force-feeding is painful for the ducks, and is physically injurious to them.  Very often, when a bird is force-fed more food than it requires or wants, the result can be fatal.
Force-feeding is common in the fois gras industry, and usually the process begins when the ducks are about 13 weeks old.  This force-feeding causes the ducks’ livers to swell to up to 8 times their natural size.  However, up to 4% of the ducks die from the force-feeding even before they're brought to slaughter. 
The Animal Legal Defense Fund is being joined in the lawsuit by The Regal Vegan, a vegan catering company.  According to Regal Vegan, it produces a fois gras that contains no animal products, and is completely humane.  However, because Hudson Valley Fois Gras promotes its product as humane, consumers flock to buy Hudson Valley products, and not The Regal Vegan’s.

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