Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Tips for Motorcycle Safety This Summer

In 2007, the mileage accident fatality ratefor motorcyclists was approximately 37 times higher than for occupants of passenger vehicles.  Those staggering numbers underscore the severe risk that motorcyclists face in California and around the country.  This summer, the National Safety Council wants both motorists and motorcyclists to take steps to prevent these devastating accidents.
Tips for Motorists
It’s very important that you maintain a good following distance between your vehicle and a motorcycle.
Look out especially carefully for motorcyclists when you near intersections, where a majority of motorcycle accidents occur.
Always check your mirrors before you make lane changes or make turns, and especially when you're backing out of parking lots and driveways.  Remember, a motorcycle is much easier to miss than a passenger vehicle.
Tips for motorcyclists
Never ride without wearing a helmet.  Avoid wearing fancy or novelty helmets, and choose one that is compliant with federal DOT standards.
Avoid distractions while riding.  Motorists have a high risk of being involved in an accident when they're using a cell phone while driving, and those risks are simply magnified for a person riding a motorcycle with little protection from impact.
Avoid lane sharing as much as possible.  This practice is legal in California, but California personal injury lawyers have concerns about motorcyclists who recklessly change lanes, increasing their risks of accidents.  If you must split lanes, stick to safe speed limits, and avoid sudden weaving between lanes.
Use your turn signals properly every time you make a turn, or make a lane change.  Use the signals even if you do not see any passenger vehicles nearby.
The trick to avoiding accidents for motorcyclists is to be as visible to motorists as possible.  Wear brightly colored or fluorescent clothing in the daytime and reflective gear at night.

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