Friday, 13 April 2012

Burbank Residents Must Take Care to Avoid Accidents on Tax Day

Here’s just another reason why Burbank citizens must avoid waiting until the very last possible minute to pay your taxes. Your risk of an accident increases substantially on Tax Day, which this year falls on April 17.

According to a study that has been published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, Tax Day is associated with a much higher risk of accidents. Most of these accidents involve stressed motorists who are distracted while on their way to the post office to pay taxes, or are in a hurry to make it to the post office before the deadline.

The researchers don’t know why there is an increase in auto accidents on Tax Day, but they do have a few theories. One of these theories is that many people are likely spending sleepless nights just before Tax Day. This possibly increases their risk of being involved in a drowsy driving accident.

Additionally, stress levels are higher during this period of time. Many motorists are distracted by the stress, and may not be able to concentrate on the road. Stress also means increased impatience levels, and more reckless driving. Much of the stress during tax time is due to the fact that the American Tax Code is so complicated, and so challenging for taxpayers to work out. The researchers theorize that many taxpayers worried about their tax payments, are also driving under the influence of alcohol.

The high accident rate on Tax Day is surprising to Burbank car accident lawyers, since the Internal Revenue Service also allows Americans to file their tax returns electronically. The e-filing option, however, doesn't seem to impact the rate of accidents on this day.