Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Focus on Veteran Brain Injury Awareness in March

The U.S. Army is increasing steps to boost awareness about the prevalence of brain injury among veterans in the month of March, which is being marked as Brain Injury Awareness Month across the country. The Army's efforts are aimed at not just the prevention of injuries during combat, but also the importance of early diagnosis and treatment of brain injury. The campaign will also include efforts to lower the stigma linked to brain injuries.

According to the Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center, there have been 229,106 cases of brain injury affecting American military personnel across the world since 2000 alone. An overwhelming majority of those brain injury cases were diagnosed as mild. More than 76% of the cases were thought to be mild, while just over 16% were considered moderate. About 1.6% of brain injuries were considered penetrating or severe.

Even injuries that are considered mild, or concussions, may have long-term repercussions like inattention, loss of concentration, depression, mood swings, and other symptoms that affect the quality of a veteran’s life. That's why it’s so important that veterans and their families be aware about the various degrees of brain injury, treatments and therapies that are available for these.

For instance, California veterans benefits lawyers find that many veterans who suffer a brain injury have little awareness about their injury, because there are no external signs of the injury. The soldier may not have suffered a lack of consciousness, and even if there is a loss of consciousness, this may last for just a few seconds. Soldiers may disregard the symptoms, and fail to receive treatment for these injuries.

Monday, 26 March 2012

Cost of a Probate in California

A probate process can take anywhere from 10 months to years to be completed. During this period of time, heirs have no access to their inheritance. Not only can they not access the money, but they may also have to deal with probate costs.

Under the California Probate Code Section 10810, there is a maximum set probate fee that probate attorneys can charge. However, these fees can be flexible, and the court may order you to pay more in probate costs in some situations.

The probate court fees that are applied in the state of California are standard. For instance, you may have to pay a 4% fee on the first $100,000 of the state, a 3% fee on the next $100,000, a 2% fee on the next $800,000 and so on. The probate costs that you are required to pay will not vary depending on whether loans are involved. That means that even if there is a mortgage on a house that is part of the estate, the attorneys’ fees are calculated not on the mortgage amount, but the total appraised value of the home.

Also, probate costs in California can increase, when the probate becomes complicated. Probates can become more complex when there are unknown creditors who arrive on the scene, or when there's a dispute over inheritance.

Besides attorneys’ fees, there may be other costs involved, including the executive/administrative fees, miscellaneous fees including fees for probate petition, publication fees and the fee for the probate appraiser.

A California probate is not only long, but also expensive. Fortunately, you can tide over some these costs by applying to an inheritance cash company for an advance on your inheritance.