Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Study Reveals Intoxication Dangers of Alcoholic Sports Drinks

Caffeinated alcoholic beverages, like Four Loko, that are marketed as sports drinks are very popular with college students. Unfortunately, many teenage drinkers believe that these drinks are safe, because they contain caffeine. A new study confirms the hazards of the combination of inexperienced novice drinkers and these beverages.

The study analyzed eleven patients who were brought into the emergency room of the Bellevue Hospital Center in New York. All of the patients were under twenty-one years old, and the average age of the patient was 16.4 years. These patients were highly intoxicated when brought to the ER.

According to the researchers, the symptoms were not typical of the kind typically seen after weekend binge drinking. Young people who took the caffeinated beverages had symptoms of severe alcohol intoxication, and had been brought to the ER unconscious. One of the teens had passed out on a subway track, while another fell unconscious at school.

The dangers of teenage intoxication involving caffeinated alcoholic beverages comes from the fact that the caffeine masks the effects of alcohol. As a result, the person doesn't realize that he has consumed too much alcohol until it's too late.

It's very important for teenage drinkers to be aware of the high alcohol content in these caffeinated beverages. If you have only a couple of these drinks and drive, you could be pulled over for drunk driving and register enough blood alcohol to need a San Diego DUI lawyer, even though you may not feel intoxicated.

The makers of Four Loko have recently announced that they will eliminate caffeine and a few other ingredients from their drinks. However, other combinations of caffeine and alcohol continue to exist on the market. These caffeinated alcohol combinations are typically marketed as sports drinks, and this may lure teenage drinkers into believing that they are safer than other alcoholic beverages.

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