Saturday, 9 July 2011

Veterans Troubled by Illnesses Related to Burn Pits

California veterans’ benefits disability lawyers believe that this could be the Agent Orange of 2011. Veterans are returning home from combat zones in Iraq, suffering illnesses caused due to the nonstop and constant burning of chemicals and waste.

For many veterans, the burning of waste in so-called burn pits poses yet another potential high-risk health hazard. In Corpus Christi, Texas, a vet who has just returned from Iraq is trying to raise attention to the neglected health aspects of these burn pits. According to Capt. Leroy Torres, there were burn pits located close to his army barracks, and these burned 24 hours a day, spewing possibly dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere. As a result of constantly breathing these toxic fumes, he has been ill since he returned from duty.

After his return, he filed a benefits claim with the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, but his claim was denied. Torres is continuing to pursue his claim. His family, meanwhile, has been trying to raise attention to the health hazards that face veterans who have been in proximity to these pits. His wife has been meeting with lawmakers to ask them to recognize the health effects of burn pits on the health of service members.

The family is demanding the creation of a national registry for victims of burn pits. The family already has a website,, and is asking other victims suffering these from these health effects to come forward and register their names.

What California veterans’ benefits disability lawyers really fear is that the Department of Veterans’ Affairs will continue to turn a blind eye to the health effects from burn pits, until decades later, when these health effects will explode in a generation of Iraq vets.

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