Friday, 22 July 2011

Distracted Driving Associated with 25% of All Car Accidents

Distracted driving behaviors are linked to 25% of all car accidents in the United States. That information comes from a report by the Governors’ Highway Safety Association. The report Distracted Driving: What Research Shows and What States Can Do, runs through the increased accident risks that come from distracted driving, and the kinds of measures that states around the country can take to reduce these risks.

This much Woodland Hills car accident lawyers will agree on - distracted driving impacts a driver's ability to drive safely. However, the report claims that drivers can expect to be distracted as much as 50% of the time while they're driving. Moreover, the report claims that car accidents caused by distracted driving probably account for between 15% and 25% of all car accidents. This includes all kinds of car accidents, from those that cause only property damage and no injuries to fatal accidents. Not surprisingly to San Fernando Valley car accident attorneys, the most serious distracted driving behavior is texting while driving. Texting substantially increases the risks of an accident.

The Governors’ Highway Safety Association report urges states to pass measures that will reduce distracted driving practices. These measures include a complete ban on texting while driving and the use of cell phones while driving for all motorists, including a ban on handsets. States like California that already have laws banning cell phone use and texting while driving can do more to enforce these effectively. The report also encourages employers to develop anti-distracted driving programs.

Besides prevention of distracted driving, the Governors’ Highway Safety Association also recommends that states employ low-cost roadway safety measures, like installation of edge line and centerline rumble strips to alert drivers when they are beginning to veer off the road from distractions. The report also encourages states to track distracted driving accidents and report these better.

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