Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Could Feds Be Doing More to Keep Americans Safe from Plane Crashes Aboard?

It has been a source of great frustration to California plane crash lawyers that the United States provides little information to Americans traveling abroad about the safety of the airlines in those countries. As a result, passengers may be at risk when they fly some foreign airlines that have little safety information available.

The European Union lists foreign airlines that are banned from flying into the European Union because of safety concerns. The European list includes more than 270 airlines from 20 nations which are banned from flying into airports in the European Union.

Compare that to the manner in which the Federal Aviation Administration keeps Americans safe when they travel abroad. The Federal Agency only lists civil aviation authorities that don't meet specific standards and lists them by country. The Federal Aviation Administration takes into consideration those countries that do not have proper oversight over airlines that operate within their borders. The United States simply does not offer passengers any information about the safety record of airlines they use abroad.

There are currently 22 civil aviation authorities on the FAA's “dangerous” list. Most of these are in third-world countries. Some of those countries are frequently visited by Americans. For instance, Israel is on the list for having inadequate oversight over aviation safety. Another country on the list is Barbados which hosts millions of American tourists every year.

Very often, this lack of specific and accurate information proves fatal. Americans have been killed in plane crashes in other countries where aviation safety is not assessed by the agency because of unique concerns. For instance, Cuba is not rated on the Federal Aviation Administration ratings, because the United States does not have diplomatic relations with that country, and there are no direct flights between the United States and Cuba. Some sources hold that Cubana Airlines, the nation's flagship carrier, has one of the worst plane crash records of any airline between 1986 and 2010.

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