Thursday, 26 May 2011

Bill to Prevent Truck Accidents Caused by Drugged Drivers

A piece of legislation introduced in April in Congress aims to prevent drug users from being able to secure employment as truck drivers. The legislation has been introduced by U.S. Senators Mark Pryor and John Boozman. The bill would plug a loophole that currently allows drug users to slip through the cracks and gain employment as truck drivers. Truckers driving under the influence of illegal drugs may be at a heightened risk of trucking accidents.

The bill known as the Safe Roads Act would establish a database of commercial truck drivers. The database would contain information about drug testing done on commercial truck drivers. Medical review officers, trucking companies, and service agents would be required to furnish any positive drug or alcohol test results to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Employers would then be required to check the database before they hire applicants. This would help weed out drug users from safe truck drivers, thereby preventing risks of accidents caused by alcohol and drugs.

The bill also has provisions for truck drivers who may be concerned about privacy issues. The bill contains privacy protection and employee rights clauses.

The establishment of a database like this was one of the recommendations of the Government Accountability Office. The Government Accountability Office had recommended the establishment of a feasible and cost-effective database that would contain information about positive drug test results from drivers, giving employers easy access to accurate information to help them make hiring decisions.

California serious injury lawyers are concerned that current federal safety laws may have too many loopholes which allow truck drivers to continue to drive even after testing positive in drug tests. Many truck drivers do not report their testing history to new employers. Additionally, trucking companies may not complete drug and alcohol testing on truck drivers. According to recent studies, out of the approximately 3.5 million truck drivers on our highways, approximately 68,000 have had positive drug test results.

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  1. this legislation will surely prevent drug users from being able to secure employment as truck drivers. so, this bill will also include information about faa drug testing done on truck drivers. what a great and efficient method!