Thursday, 19 May 2011

Antilock Braking Systems Can Help Prevent Some Injurious Motorcycle Accidents

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recommends antilock braking systems to prevent the kind of accidents Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyers often see when the brakes of a motorcycle lock during an emergency braking maneuver. This week, BMW announced that it would be making antilock braking systems standard on all its models of motorcycles.

The systems will be installed in all models from 2012 onwards. BMW has been installing antilock braking systems on its motorcycles at least since 1988. The company has been at the forefront of using cutting-edge motorcycle safety technology to reduce the possibility of motorcycle accidents. For many years, BMW was the only company offering the systems on its motorcycles.

Antilock braking systems work by preventing the kind of locking that can occur when a motorcyclist brakes at high speeds. When the wheels lock, it can throw a rider off the motorcycle, with devastating consequences. Estimates by the Governors Highway Safety Association in 2010 found that motorcycle crash fatalities were actually on their way up. There was an overall decrease of 2% in crash fatalities for 2010, but in the last quarter of 2010, there was an increase in the number of motorcycle crash fatalities.

Could antilock braking systems on motorcycles help save lives? BMW and the Insurance Institute certainly seem to think so. However, motorcyclists have been divided about the need for antilock braking systems. Many riders believe that having these systems on their vehicles takes away some of their control. However, the kind of injuries that can result from an accident when motorcycle wheels lock, can be devastating.

The presence of auto safety features like electronic stability control systems and side airbags in cars has been credited for the declining traffic accident fatality rates over the past five years. While many motorcycle accidents every year could be prevented by raising motorist awareness, motorcycles would also benefit by buying motorcycles that come with more safety features.

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