Friday, 29 April 2011

Concord Police Department Slapped with yet Another Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

A succession of sexual harassment lawsuits at the Concord Police Department, has caught the attention of Los Angeles sexual harassment lawyers. In the latest lawsuit to be filed against officers of the police department, a female officer has filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against the department, as well as a high ranking female officer, alleging that the officer made inappropriate sexual advances towards her.

According to the sexual harassment lawsuit filed by Wendy Schwartzenberger, she was the victim of unwelcome sexual advances made by Lieut. Robin Heinemann. The lawsuit claims that Heinemann made inappropriate sexual comments to Schwartzenberger, fondled her and kissed her on several occasions. Heinemann also alledgedly made inappropriate sexual comments about Schwartzenberger’s relationship with her partner as well as her sexual orientation.

By this time, the legal team at the Concord Police Department is probably quite used to issuing defense statements. Already, the police department’s lawyers have said that allegations contained in the complaint are completely false, and that the lawsuit is without merit.

This lawsuit is the fifth alleging defamation, sexual harassment or retribution by the Concord Police Department over the past four years. All of these lawsuits ultimately settled. The settlement amounts ranged from just over $47,000 to $750,000.

What makes this a sexual harassment lawsuit with a twist is that Heinemann, the defendant in this particular lawsuit, was named as a plaintiff in an earlier sexual harassment lawsuit filed against the Concord Police Department. That lawsuit was filed by a group of eight women, who alleged that they were victims of sexual harassment by the Concord police. That lawsuit settled for a sum of $1.5 million, which was distributed among the plaintiffs. In January, Heinemann received her share of that settlement which amounted to $100,000.

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