Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Internet Search Engines - Second Place Shifting Positions - What Next?

Although Google remains the leader in terms of market share with almost 80%, the runner-up position has just changed. Bing (formerly MSN search) has now surpassed Yahoo. This isn't too surprising with all the TV and radio marketing/advertising over the last 6 months as well as the roll-out of Windows7 and more use of Internet Explorer 8.  Google has its core users, who go there first for searching, but as it gets more common to think about Bing being an option, and easier and easier to get to Bing, more people will use it compared to Yahoo.

But how do search results compare between Google, Yahoo, and Bing?

Searching for: car accident attorney in the san fernando valley

Google: #1 spot is www.freeman-freeman.com (Personal Injury Attorneys at 21900 Burbank Blvd in Woodland Hills, CA 91367)
Yahoo: www.freeman-freeman.com is #5
Bing:  www.freeman-freeman.com is #6

Certainly, the Google number one result is relevant. But it is down the list in the other search engines. Other the results above that site useful to a person searching for a lawyer in the area? In Yahoo, three of the prior spots are indeed for attorneys, but only one of them has a the main office in the San Fernando Valley Area. For Bing, the results are practically similar. Not surprising and it is know that there is a collaboration among Bing and Yahoo.

Back to the results on Google:  The top six spots were all law firms, and four of the 6 had a main office in the San Fernando Valley. So, for this example - Google did provide more relevant results, with less "spam" - try it yourself.

So what is next?  Not much until the Bing/Yahoo results are more in tune with what users want - in my opinion.


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