Friday, 4 February 2011

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Deaths Go Unchecked in California

In spite of efforts to make consumers aware of the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning at home during winter, there are at least a few dozen deaths every year in California from carbon monoxide poisoning. This winter has been no different. Unfortunately, there have been a number of deaths this year that have been linked to poverty, rather than negligence.

People, who have failed to pay their electricity bills on time and have had their power supply cut off, have turned to diesel-powered generators and gas-powered generators to generate electricity for the home. According to government agencies, they have been trying to reduce people's dependence on gas-powered generators, which are often the main culprit in carbon monoxide poisoning deaths, by offering people bill payment assistance programs. Persons who have trouble paying their gas and electricity bills can avail themselves of these programs, to avoid having their power supply cut off.

Besides, state officials conduct frequent inspections to reduce the risk of entire households being wiped out from carbon monoxide exposure. There's even a law in California that requires all single family homes to install carbon monoxide detectors by July 1st.

Last week, four members of a family in Oakhurst, including two children, were killed when they were overcome by carbon monoxide fumes being emitted by a gas-powered generator. The family had failed to pay their bills, and was using the generator for heat and electricity.

The frequent link between carbon monoxide poisoning and poverty has concerned California carbon monoxide poisoning lawyers, and has raised other questions about the costs of gas and electricity in California. In response to the Oakhurst tragedy, county authorities across California are informing consumers that they are ready to help people who have lost jobs, and are having trouble paying electricity bills and heating bills.

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