Thursday, 27 January 2011

Why the DePuy Hip Implant Became so Popular

Devices like the DePuy hip implants that were recalled last year quickly became very popular because of the hope of mobility and movement they offered persons who had suffered a fractured hip. A fractured hip can be extremely debilitating, but also has several other health risks. For instance, a new study out of Taiwan shows that people with a fractured hip have an increased risk of suffering a stroke.

Earlier research had confirmed the reverse results - that people who suffered a stroke were at a high risk of breaking their hips. However, the new study conducted by researchers at the National University in Taipei found that patients, who suffered a broken hip, had a 50% higher chance of suffering a stroke within one year, compared to patients who had suffered no hip fracture. Out of 265 patients in the study who had suffered a stroke over one year, approximately 4.1% had suffered a hip fracture previously, compared to 2.7% of people, who had suffered no hip fracture. The researchers found that these findings stayed true even after accounting for other factors that increased the risk of a stroke, like diabetes or cardiovascular disease.

The researchers have little clue about why there is an increased risk of stroke after suffering a fracture. However, they believe there is a possible connection with the lower bone density that develops after a person begins to suffer from cardiac disease. Researchers in the past have confirmed that elderly persons who have suffered a fracture have a higher chance of dying within one year after the fracture.

There are long-term and serious implications if a person suffers a hip fracture. California hip implant recall lawyers know that this is part of the reason why companies like DePuy Orthopedics have found it easy to peddle their hip implants to vulnerable patients. These devices were rushed through the 510(k) fast-track approval process of the Food and Drug Administration. Unfortunately, for the patients who received these devices, the risks of revision surgeries have been disproportionately high. For these persons, the health risks that come with the fracture have simply been compounded by the defective device implanted in their body.

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