Saturday, 18 December 2010

More Information about Los Angeles Red Light Cameras at Dangerous Intersections

The LA Times reported a follow up to story about the concerns of red-light cameras us in Los Angeles. Questions arose last September about the the costs involved, and the true impact on safety on the many accidents at Los Angeles intersections. The cameras have been installed at 32 intersection since 2006. When violations occur a photograph is taken showing the vehicle license plate number and in many cases the driver can be clearly seen behind the wheel.

During a meeting with civilian member board Tuesday, Los Angeles Police Department Assistant Chief Michel Moore listed a few notes about the effectiveness of the red-light cameras

  • 63% reduction in red-light-related traffic
  • Zero fatal accidents related to red lights (compared to five in the three years previous to the cameras)
  • A rise in red light violations given- 14,000 to 59,000
Regarding the cost of the program, one notable issue was the actions taken against people who ignored the violations and the amount of money at stake - 7-11 million dollars. Apparently, when fines are not paid to the city, the matter goes to a collection agency - not to the DMV as most other moving violations would. Thus, the incentive to pay the ticket is not the same, as it doesn't affect your driving record, or lead to a vehicle lien.  Does knowledge of this impact the effectiveness of the camera's purpose?

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