Friday, 24 December 2010

Christmas Maximum Enforcement DUI Patrol

San Diego drivers will come across more numbers of California Highway Patrol officers over the Christmas weekend as part of a major anti-DUI offensive. The campaign is called a Christmas Maximum Enforcement Period and will last between 6 PM on Friday to midnight on Sunday. Just about every officer of the California Highway Patrol will be on duty during this period of time. That makes it a total of 7,000 CHP officers in California who will be patrolling California roads and highways, looking out for motorists they suspect of drunk driving.

Another Maximum Enforcement Period is scheduled for the New Year's holiday. That campaign will start at 6 PM on December 31, and last through midnight on January 2. Both of these Maximum Enforcement Periods are in addition to the Avoid the DUI Task Force Crackdown which runs for 17 days. That particular campaign will have California Highway Patrol and local law-enforcement agencies participating in more than 237 checkpoints across the state.

Simply put, it would not take much for a California Highway Patrol officer to pull you over for suspected DUI over this Christmas weekend. A lot of money is being funneled into these crackdowns, and California Highway Patrol Officers, as well as local enforcement agencies who are participating in these campaigns, are likely to be under pressure to arrest the maximum number of people.

No San Diego DUI defense lawyer would deny that the time between Christmas and New Year's sees more numbers of drunk drivers. However, very often, these holiday crackdowns are used to make a statement about the efficiency of a police department or other law enforcement agency.

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