Monday, 8 November 2010

Combination of Enforcement & Awareness Lowers DUI Crashes Around UC San Diego

A combination of strict enforcement of minimum drinking age laws as well as education campaigns has helped lower the number of DUI accidents around the University of California, San Diego. According to the California Highway Patrol, it has had great success in lowering the numbers of DUI crashes around campus over a year-long sustained effort.

The program, which began in June 2009, was aimed specifically at drivers between 18 and 24. CHP officers engaged in enhanced education efforts, and followed this up with expanded enforcement. As a result, according to the CHP, the number of DUI collisions has dramatically reduced from 68 the previous year, to 25 last year. The number of DUI accident fatalities also declined by 40%, from five in the previous year to three last year. Injuries in these accidents declined 72%, from 100 injuries the previous year to 28 injuries last year.

The CHP officer specifically targeted UCSD college communities where they observed incidences of DUI. The agency increased enforcement on sections of interstate highways 5, 805 and 8. It also undertook an education campaign in partnership with the University's Student Health Services, UCSD Police and the San Diego Police Department.

Teens and young drivers are much more susceptible to drunk driving than the general population. That's no secret to San Diego DUI defense lawyers. In fact, these motorists are much more likely to be involved in accidents as a result of drunk driving. These drivers also pay a heavy price if they're caught while driving under the influence. A DUI conviction while you're still in college can mean license suspensions, fines, penalties and, depending on the situation, even jail time. These are the years that will decide the rest of your life, and a DUI conviction on your record can significant mar your future prospects.

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