Thursday, 28 October 2010

Poll Shows Californians Have Positive Views on Immigration and Oppose Deportations

Immigration has become a political football around the country, and California has been no exception. Immigration issues typically arise during election times, and this election year has seen similar mudslinging. However, a new survey shows that Californians actually have a much more positive view on immigration than politicians would like to have you believe.

The poll conducted by the Los Angeles Times/USC has no surprises for Los Angeles immigration lawyers. It shows that California voters overall have a positive view of immigration, and favor legalization of undocumented workers who have held jobs in the state.

When asked whether immigrants are a benefit or a burden to the state, approximately 48% of Californians in the survey called them a benefit, and of these, 36 % felt very strongly that they were a benefit.

Only 32% of respondents in the survey felt that undocumented workers were a burden to California because of the impact of public services. Further, among these people, only 22% felt very strongly that way.

59% of respondents believed that an undocumented worker who had lived and worked in the country for at least two years should be allowed to remain in the US.

Only 30% of the respondents felt that all undocumented workers should be deported.

Not surprisingly, liberals were much more likely to be supportive of undocumented workers and a smooth phasing into legal immigration status for these groups. Conservative respondents were more likely to be in favor of deportations.

Obviously, the Hispanic population was much more supportive of immigrants, with 76% saying that undocumented workers should be allowed to stay on in the country.

Respondents over the age of 65 were split equally, but even in this demographic, 55% believed undocumented workers should be allowed to keep their jobs.

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