Monday, 25 October 2010

Alabama Street Task Force Announces Accomplishments

Last week, the Northeast Alabama Safe Streets Task Force announced a list of accomplishments by the organization since 2007, when it was started. According to the task force, since 2009, the organization has been responsible for:

• 67 state/local arrests
• 13 federal arrests
• 11 federal indictments
• 10 federal convictions
• Seizure of 25 firearms
• Seizure of more than 11 kilos of cocaine
• Seizure of more than 2400 grams of crystal methamphetamine

The Northeast Alabama Safe Streets Task Force consists of full time members from the Albertville Police Department, DeKalb County Sheriff's Office, Etowah County Sheriff's Office, Marshall County Sheriff's Office and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The Northeast Alabama Safe Streets Task Force was established to identify organized criminal groups involved in drug trafficking, alien smuggling, money laundering, murder, robbery and aggravated assault. The task force also targets these entities for prosecution focusing especially strongly on violent street gangs.

Federal crimes include white-collar crimes, drug crimes, firearms and weapons crimes, crimes involving child pornography, identity theft and bank robberies. Local crimes include those for DUI. Whether you have been charged with DUI or a federal crime, the implications for the rest of your life can be substantial. Even a simple DWI conviction in Alabama, can lead to license suspension, fines and even jail time. Depending on the number of convictions, you could even be looking at the revocation of your license, installation of an interlock device on your vehicle, impoundment of your car, mandatory alcohol assessment and treatment programs and increased insurance rates.

Whether you're facing charges for state crimes or federal offenses, it's important to consult with an experienced Alabama criminal defense lawyer immediately. An attorney can help you understand exactly what you're up against, and can devise the best possible strategies to mount a defense for you.

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