Thursday, 2 September 2010

Brain Injury Support Award for Ventura County Social Worker

The California Brain Injury Association held its annual state conference in Los Angeles this week. Part of the commemoration every year includes an award for Professionalism in the Field of Brain Injury. This year, the award was handed out to Celeste Racicot, a rehabilitation and vocational counselor, cognitive therapist and case manager.

Racicot has experience of about 25 years in human services, and is a member of the Brain Injury Center of Ventura County's Professional Advisory Council. She also leads Brain Injury Center support groups in Ventura, Santa Paula and Camarillo. According to Racicot, she is committed to educating the public about brain injury, and helping train survivors to regain their sense of belonging. Judging by the comments of brain injury survivors who attend her rehabilitation and support sessions, Racicot does an excellent job of boosting brain injury survivors’ sense of self-worth. She helps them forget about their disabilities.

Any California brain injury lawyer knows that's not an easy thing to do, when you're dealing with patients who suffer a great range of physical, mental, emotional and cognitive limitations. Racicot says she focuses on helping survivors to make the transition back into their home and community.

When a person suffers and survives the brain injury, it's not the end of his life. After his stay in the hospital, the person needs to go back home and integrate into his life as before the injury. These patients face enormous challenges when they begin to do so. Not only are they forced to relearn routine activities, but they are also now faced with a diminished sense of self-worth. For the process of recovery to continue, it's important for a brain injury survivor to learn to love himself or herself again. People like Racicot play a major part in helping these patients do so.

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