Wednesday, 11 August 2010

All Too Common Rear End Car Accidents - Insurance Claims

Today there was a multi-car rear end pile up on the 405, and the TV coverage showed an image of cars smashed bumper-to-bumper, 5 cars lined up in the fast lane. Rear end collisions probably happen on the 405 a few times a day, but I doubt to the extent shown. The picture at the left is not the accident that I was on TV, but is a good smaller-scale example.

Some rear end collision statistics I found on
  • 29.7% of all accidents are rear end collisions.
  • 94% of all rear end collisions occur on straight roads.
  • Rear end collisions account for 38% of all the dollars paid for automobile insurance claims.

I didn't find the exact source of the data above, but the numbers seem reasonable. Especially with the many distractions drivers allow - cell phones, texting, and more (a recent study suggests increased car accidents by men in the summer due to being distracted by women wearing less clothing than during the other seasons). Personally, I know that rear end accidents are over 50% of the incidents among friend and family members that I asked.

Hit and run incidents, often due to uninsured motorists, is also related to such common accidents. Many people think that if a motorists without insurance hits their car, damages will not paid for - however, most drivers carry some form of insurance to cover un-insured or under-insured motorists. In these cases, often speaking with Encino Car Accident Lawyer or a Ventura Car Accident Lawyer (or whatever city you may be looking for) about rear end accidents or insurance issues. Both  sites have dedicated pages about rear-end collisions, insurance, and even hit-and-run accidents.

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