Friday, 4 June 2010

Security Cameras - Catching Car Accidents

The LA Times has a quick video of an out-of-control car getting airborne. You can't see what exactly leads up to the accident, but the speed of car appears fast - fast enough to jump it in the air after hitting a ramp like structure.

Just as seen on TV in episodes of Law & Order, a security camera caught an interesting incident. One can imagine that security camera footage is often used in investigations during civil issues as well as criminal investigations. There are countless examples of video showing the a different course of events that was initially described by persons involved in the incident - often directing the blame in a opposite direction.

With cameras in parking lots, store fronts, and even home driveways a  information about an incident can be reviewed in pedestrian and auto accident injury cases. Attorneys and investigators can utilize video, often from multiple cameras to get a better idea of what happened, the weather conditions,  the lighting and to even establish who was involved and the possibility of eyewitness. 

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