Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Home Repair - Take advantage of the economy and don't get hurt!

The construction industry has been very affected by the slow economy, as home builders have essentially slowed new development to a crawl. However, home maintenance companies continue to be in demand as home owners, apartment dwellers, and commercial building occupants require repair and upgrade services.

Although many people like to take the do-it-yourself (DIY) approach, each year hundreds of thousands are hut in home repair and construction related injuries. Some examples:
  • Ceiling fans injury over 19,000 people a year, mostly due to improper sized fans or poor mounting – according to the Electrical Safety Foundation International.
  • Back injuries account for a large portion of injuries.
  • Hand injuries are also very common.

People should let professionals handle dangerous repairs and now is and excellent time to use a construction company for repair services. A major benefit of doing so includes having a licensed contractor doing your repair. Contractors typically carry insurance and bonds, and can do jobs requiring more than $500 worth of work. Many construction companies offer Los Angeles Handyman Services, and can do a variety of work, saving your back and other body parts from injury. Outdoor projects can also be dangerous as wood decks, and patios can be home to insects, snakes and vermin. Especially in Southern California hills, wood deck repair can be tricky with burrowing animals and spiders. Rattlesnakes, black widows, and rats come to mind.

Most homes need some maintenance on regular basis, and just because property values aren't what they used to be, isn't a reason to let things get worse - and don't get hurt doing it yourself

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  1. Agree with your advice above. Many homeowners love to tackle home repair projects themselves... which is great! But, if they get in over their head they not only risk injury, but can do more damage to their home. In turn, the cost of their own "handyman" adventure becomes greater than if they had simply hired a home repair pro to begin with. As the operator of a home repair company in Cincinnati, I can't tell you the number of times we've been called in to rescue a homeowner who got in over their head, or the massive amount of damage that ends up getting caused to homes from homeowners performing shoddy repairs. On my blog at http://www.mastermylist.com/blog/ we have many helpful home repair articles and videos to point homeowners toward spotting problems on their home before they become a major disaster and help them determine if it is a project they can tackle themselves or should hire a home repair pro to do.