Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Increase in mobile web use - what to see, you vs.them.

Today, the LA Times mobile feature displayed a story about the rise in mobile we browsing. This is the whole story...

CNN Money has a pair of charts, showing the smart-phone jolt seen by Web analytics. Smart-phone browsers increased 193% in February versus a year prior, according to Google’s AdMob.

This is not surprising given the number of web enabled devices out there. Even in home use, people use mobile devices to surf the web while sitting on the couch watching TV. Some sites look great - here is the image of the website of Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Daniel Perlman  on a iPhone. The site looks great, but keep in mind it is not a specific mobile site - it is the same url meant for typical browsers, the coding and design allow it to look suitable.

As an note - I  first read this story on a an iPhone, then want to further investigate. So using my laptop, I first went to the LA times home page, then found the mobile section, and navigated to the stories section (a very clean, minimal list of articles). That is where I found the above.  However, I then searched for the article on CNN and could not find it. I haven't searched too much because something more interesting occurred - I could not get back to the mobile page at the LA Times, the same navigation re-directed me to the LA Times home page.  Coincidentally one reason I wanted to go back was to bookmark the page on  my notebook (it already is bookmarked on my iPhone). I thought the format was efficient and it would be nice to read it on my laptop.

Does the LA Times do this as to require non-mobile visitors to view the main site for advertising reasons or is it a bug?  Not sure. But I thought it was interesting and decide to add it as a note to this post.  In fact, I changed the title of the post after writing this bottom half - I would have expanded the title given room: Mobile web browsing  - designing a site to be seen - what users want and want businesses want.

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