Thursday, 20 May 2010

CPSC Recalls Toy Dart Guns Due to Aspiration Hazards, Two Deaths Confirmed

Most defective product incidents that end in fatalities involve little children aged five or below. If the product is dangerous enough to cause death in older children, it must be taken seriously both by consumer safety groups and by Las Vegas personal injury lawyers. The Consumer Product Safety Commission is alerting Americans to a recall of toy dart gun sets that were sold exclusively at Family Dollar Stores across the country.

The Auto Fire toy gun sets come with a yellow/orange toy gun, or a blue/orange toy gun and include several small darts and a target. The darts measure just over 1 inch in length, and come with a small suction cup at one end, which measures about half an inch in diameter. If a child places the small, soft darts in his mouth, it can be easily inhaled, causing an aspiration hazard. The agency has received reports of two confirmed deaths. One of the deaths involved a nine-year-old boy in Chicago, and the other involved a 10-year-old boy in Wisconsin.

The guns were imported by Henry Gordy International Inc. of New Jersey. The company has refused to initiate a recall, and so, Family Dollar Stores Inc. in cooperation with the CPSC is implementing the recall of more than 1.8 million toy dart gun sets. The agency is urging consumers to look for the toy gun sets in their homes, and discard them immediately. Family Dollar Stores is promising refunds to consumers who return the sets to the store.

According to the CPSC, aspiration or choking is one of the leading causes of toy-related deaths in children under 15 years. The fact that both confirmed deaths have involved children aged nine and 10, is definitely a cause for alarm. It indicates that the dangers to little children from these toy dart sets could be much worse. Typically, aspiration and asphyxiation are major hazards when there are little children involved. Children below the age of three are more likely to place things in the mouth, and swallow these. That is why toys that come with small detachable parts are strictly not recommended for children below the age of three.

Las Vegas personal injury attorneys would encourage parents who have both younger as well as older children in the home, to be especially careful. Toys meant for older children could end up finding their way into the hands of little kids below the age of three. In fact, Nevada dangerous toy lawyers have come across several instances where little children got hold of their older siblings’ toys, creating a potentially hazardous situation.

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  1. It is tragic to see when a company refuses to recall their harmful products and an innocent child dies because of the company's greed. These toys were dangerous and the company should not have opposed the recall, not even for a second.
    In my opinion, as a Henderson neck injury lawyer, this is outrageous and the fine received by the company is way too small.