Monday, 24 May 2010

California Postal Workers Most Likely to Be Bitten by Dogs

Postal workers in the Orange County-Long Beach area are at a much higher risk of suffering dog bites. In 2006, there were 3,184 incidents of dog bites involving postal workers around the country. Out of those incidents, the Orange County-Long Beach Area accounted for 96 dog bites, the highest number for any area.

These are not the only areas in California that seem to be especially hazardous to postal workers. Sacramento ranked at number three on the list of postal worker dog bites with 82 incidents, followed by Los Angeles with 77. Houston ranked close behind Orange County-Long Beach, with 94 dog bites.

The number of dog bites involving postal workers, has dropped over the past few years. This has been largely due to the fact that postal companies have focused hard on training their employees to avoid dog bites. Dog bite lawyers in Los Angeles and Orange Counties don't see the kind of widespread dog bite incidents involving postal workers that they used to a couple of decades ago.

Dog experts and postal authorities insist that homeowners take the following steps to ensure that postal workers and other visitors of your premises avoid dog bites:

  • Keep the dog out of sight of the letter carrier.
  • If you receive plenty of mail, confine the dog indoors during delivery times. Make sure that there are no screen doors that can be easily opened by a child, allowing the dog to escape.
  • Keep the dog busy or preoccupied while the mail being delivered. A bone or treat could do the trick.
  • If you're outside with the dog and the mailman arrives, look for the following signs of aggression in your dog - loud and constant barking, pulling at his chain, tail between the legs, and stiff body posture. Even yawning could indicate that the dog is uncomfortable in the presence of the letter carrier, and could be bracing for an attack.

The most important thing that dog owners could do to prevent the risk of an attack is to abandon the assumption that their dog will not bite. There is no way to predict 100% that your dog will never be involved in an attack. In fact, Los Angeles dog bite attorneys often notice that this kind of attitude often contributes to many dog bites.

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