Sunday, 11 April 2010

Cockpit Transcripts Show Pilots in Aborted West Virginia Takeoff Discussing Sports Cars

The National Transportation Safety Board has released transcripts of a conversation between two pilots of a plane involved in an aborted takeoff at West Virginia airport in January. The transcripts only confirm to California plane crash lawyers their concerns about the sense of complacency that seems to be permeating cockpits.

The cockpit transcripts show the two pilots discussing their favorite convertibles – yes, convertibles - just seconds before they discovered that the flaps of the jets were not positioned properly. One of the pilots frantically tried to reposition the flaps as the plane taxied down the runway, on a mountaintop airport. However, the takeoff had to be aborted, and the plane came to a stop just 100 feet from a steep cliff side.

What would have happened if the pilot had not been able to stop the plane in time doesn’t even bear thinking about. It seems very clear to California plane crash attorneys that a major plane crash was averted, and also that it only came this close because the attention of two pilots was focused elsewhere. We wouldn't even be blogging about this if the pilot had taken care to position the flaps properly before takeoff. Apparently, there are other things more important in life than the safety of your passengers, like your dream sports car.

Fortunately, the runway at the Yeager Airport in Charleston where the incident occurred, had recently installed new concrete material designed to arrest runaway planes. This is a relatively new feature that is increasingly being used at airports around the country. Currently 30 airports across the United States have the lightweight concrete material installed, and four others will have the material installed on their runways this year. Obviously, the specially designed runway has a lot to do with the West Virginia pilot being able to control the plane just seconds away from what could have been a sure disaster.

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