Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Drunk Driving Accident Concerns Arise with Spring Break

It's that time of the year when college students across the country are given a break from the pressures of studies. Unfortunately, the unwinding often takes the form of imbibing copious amounts of alcohol. Impaired driving is a major risk during this time of the year, and California DUI lawyers would encourage college students to be responsible and tone down the bingeing this spring break.

Law enforcement officers in California will be gearing up to crack down on partying college students across the state. College students are actually at a higher risk of being involved in an accident. Many of these drivers may fall in the below-19 age group, which is at a higher risk of being killed in an auto accident, than from any other causes. Spring break is also the time when young men and women indulge in dangerous drinking games that can quickly turn fatal. DUI lawyers in California suggest the following tips to have a safe spring break.

  • Avoid drinking contests, and other potentially deadly behaviors. Loss of consciousness and irreversible brain damage are just two of the consequences of excessive or binge drinking, which is widespread during spring break.
  • Parents must get involved in ensuring that their children enjoy a safe spring break without succumbing to peer pressures. It can be hard as a college student to insist on designating a sober driver to drive everyone home, or to resist a game of “Who can knock back the most drinks?” Parents can play a role here.
  • Look out for friends who may be placing their health in danger by drinking excessively, and not even know it. Look for signs of slurring, disorientation, confusion or a total lack of consciousness. Look for changes in skin color, and specifically, a bluish tinge. Severe vomiting and seizures are two signs that the person has imbibed excessive alcohol, and may be in serious need of help. Other signs may be irregular or slow breathing, hypothermia and a deathly pale skin.
  • If someone passes out after excessive drinking, keep monitoring them to check for these signs. People who pass out are not always “sleeping it off.” Alcohol can continue to spread throughout the bloodstream even when a person is sleeping, and even after he has stopped drinking.
A DUI arrest or license suspension during college can impact the path your career and the rest of your life can take. A California DUI lawyer can help you get your life back on track.

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