Thursday, 17 December 2009

Do Cell Phones Cause Brain Cancer

Can a cell phone give you a tumor? Is it possible that all of the hours that we log on a phone can be harmful to our health? The answer to that question is still not clear. There is no conclusive evidence yet that the use of a cell phone can cause a tumor to form in your brain. But, just because it hasn't been proven yet doesn't mean that you shouldn't be somewhat cautious about how you use your cell phone.

The theory some scientist have is that the small doses of radiation that a cell phone puts out can create a tumor or at least increase the likelihood that one will appear. There doesn't seem to be any conclusive research to show this yet. Cell phones do give off radiation and heat but the levels that they emit are not high enough to cause tumors, according to some scientists. Some of the research has even shown that cell phone users had a lower incident of brain cancer.

If it is proven that cell phones are linked to brain cancer, we may see a lot of personal injury cases in the future. In the 80's and 90's silicon breast implants were thought to cause a harmful condition in the body. Many lawsuits were filed against the doctors and companies that made the implants. The same was true for cigarettes, though most of the damage was done when it was proven that the cigarette companies tried to cover up the truth about the harm that smoking did to a person. If cell phones do cause cancer and companies try to cover it up, lawyers that specialize in brain damage litigation will have their hands full.

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