Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Hit By A Car That Ran A Red Light

How many times have you sat at a light and watched it turn green in your direction, but see a vehicle fly through from the other way? Too many times to count probably. Running red lights is one of the biggest reasons for vehicular accidents across the country, not just in Las Vegas. Use caution at intersections to make sure you aren’t caught up in an accident.

No matter where you are in the country, look both ways before you proceed in to an intersection after the light changes color. Someone may be talking on their cell phone, sending a text message or just in a hurry and skip through the red light. Don’t be the person they slam in to and broadside.

Unfortunately, you can’t always see these people who will run red lights. If you do happen to get caught up in an accident caused by running a red light, you have victim’s rights on your side. Their insurance liability should be able to cover your medical expenses and any fees associated with the accident.

Hopefully your accident isn’t serious, but if it is, go to the hospital. Seek medical attention before worrying about fixing your vehicle or getting money from the other person. The other person has liability insurance for a reason, and this is such the reason. It can be dealt with when you are healthy.

A lawyer may need to be called in order to help you lawfully get what you are entitled to. A Las Vegas Accident attorney will be able to help you if you get hit on Las Vegas Blvd. The liability rider on their policy needs to be at least $15,000. You can get access to that money through insurance companies and potentially a lawyer. If their insurance company isn’t willing to work with you, hire an attorney to get the process started (and finished). That liability insurance policy was created for a reason and this is it.

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