Thursday, 19 November 2009

Divorce in California

Divorce in California is different than most states. For example, upon getting a divorce both parties are to split up the assets 50-50. In other states an argument can be made to give one party more of the assets than the other.

The divorce rate in California is also much higher than the nations average. According to wiki answers the divorce rate in CA has fluctuated between 68%-83% from 1998-2008. There are a few theories on why this is. A lot of people think Hollywood has a big influence on the general public. Movie stars seem to use marriage as a publicity stunt rather than a life commitment between two people.

California is also a large "transplant" state. There is a tremendous population of people who have come from all over the country and world. Maybe it's their "explorer" attitude that keeps them from a committed marriage. Or, it could be that people have more opportunity in the state. Chris Rock once said "people are only as faithful as their options". Miles of beaches and year round sunshine means people are able to stay active and interactive all year round. These aren't excuses just some theories on why divorce attorneys in Los Angeles continue to stay busy.

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